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Don't Label Me:

5-Star Amazon Customer Review by D.K.: 

"...This book helped my daughter (who is 6) deal with some bullies at her school. It opened up a conversation between her and my husband and I where we were able to reinforce the importance of self-esteem and self-love. She adored the pictures, and we loved the final realization in the book. Schools try to have zero tolerance for bullies, but we all know the best way to combat a bully is teaching our kids that just because someone says it doesn't make it true. This book is awesome. Thank you!"

Daddy's Boots:

5-Star Amazon Customer Review by K.B.: 

"We recently found out my husband would be spending a year in Korea. We have a 2 1/2 year old and 8 month old twins. We are concerned with our 2 1/2 year old seeing as he has spent no time away from daddy. After back to back deployments we final caught a break. Now looking at spending a year apart again but now with 3 children is a whole new experience. I want the transition to be a smooth as possible for them. I research many books for his age group. As far as the ones I purchased this book was by far the best. My son loves it and asks to read it with my husband every night. It has a great message about the importance of the work a soldier does and many other important jobs. We love it because we can incorporate life now to prepare for the day he leaves. Such as, "daddy and boots have to go to work now" and he loves the bear in the book. He is always talking about the bear so we are going to get 2 bears one to go with daddy (so daddy can take pictures with the bear on his adventures) and then another to pop in and see us every once in awhile. It really is a sweet book that is very age appropriate."

Brooke and her icky picky sister:

"This is the perfect food book for sensory-challenged children everywhere.  Although there's no cure for Sensory Processing Disorder, learning to tolerate the challenges associated with this neurological disorder is the first step to living a healthy and full life.  Small children often have a hard time dealing with being 'different'.  This charming tale shows the SPD child they are not alone.  It's an excellent resource in building bridges of understanding between the SPD child and their caregivers."                 ~ R. Blumenthal, LSCW