So you’ve decided to host an author. Well done! Research has shown author visits introduce students to the availability of the written word, sparks their imaginations, and induces their creative expression.

Keep in mind that as the host it is understood you will pay all travel costs and expenses incurred by the author in addition to her fee. Sandra’s presentations and fee schedules are listed here.

Plan the author’s visit well in advance, book the author at least three or four months before your event. To help the day go smoother check out the Six Ps of Success.

The day of your event, meet Sandra at the door, introduce her to the staff–most importantly, your librarian. Show your guest where the appropriate bathroom is, and offer her a cup of coffee or water (she loves coffee–black, no cream or sugar).

Let the author know any applicable school rules, and your expectations. Does she need to sign in and wear a badge? Do you want her to linger and mingle with your students afterwards, or are you on a set time schedule so she’ll need to promptly vacate?

Give your author a tour of the auditorium or room in which she will be presenting. Ensure any equipment she needs is working and suitable, and then allow time (ten to twenty minutes) of calm and prep time for her to focus, set-up, and prepare to dazzle your students.