The most gratifying element of being an author is presenting to groups of enthusiastic souls. I’ve entertained hundreds of elementary, middle school, and high school students, as well as hundreds of parents and budding authors. I love the interaction between minds as we create an exciting experience – which I hope will remain in the hearts and minds of all for years to come.

Depending on the level of participation, most audience presentations typically last about an hour. I interact directly with my audience, and use almost no technological visual aids, preferring instead to engage the audience organically.

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Local (50-mile radius of Canon City, Colorado):

Cost of program/presentation – no mileage or lodging expense

Up to three sessions per day – can include an evening presentation

Imagine Nation

This favorite 45-60 minute program engages your students in make believe, and is geared toward specific age groups (grades K-5). This includes a storytelling session (with audience participation), and a short Q&A period. The school library is presented with a token at the end of the presentation.

The cost of this presentation is $450.

Spider Webbs or Cob Webs?

This 45-60 minute program is geared for the older student (grades 6-12), in wchich we discuss dusting off old ideas and putting the pencil to the paper to create his or her own living world of any genre. Audience participation is a must. If time allows, there’ll be Q&A.

The cost of this presentation is $350.

And Then What Happened?

Learning how to best gauge page-turning excitement for your audience. This 45-60 minute program invites the student to engage his or her critical thinking skills necessary for the creation of an exciting book. Audience participation is a must. As time allows, there’ll be a short Q&A session. This program works with all grade levels.

The cost of this presentation is $350.

I AM an Author!

This two-hour program is a hands-on, guided writing class for students grades 9-12, is presented in a classroom setting and is limited to fifty interested students. At the end of this program, the students will have the opportunity to publish his or her short work (created in this session) in a book that will be published for the school to sell as a fundraising opportunity. All participants must have a guardian’s permission beforehand.

The cost of this presentation is $650.

All proceeds from book sales will go to your school.*

*after publishing costs

Conception to Cover – The Inside Scoop on Creating Children’s Books

This hour-long presentation is geared toward the novice storyteller. We’ll delve into what goes into researching, writing, and publishing a book. Choose which category your audience would prefer: Picture Book, Chapter Book/Young Adult, or General Fiction.

The cost of this presentation is $350.

Once Upon A Time – Writing a Classic in Today’s Hustle and Bustle World

This hour-long presentation gets into the nuts and bolts of creating your story in the most engaging way. The favorites of your youth just wouldn’t make the grade in today’s market, and I’ll explain why.

The cost of this presentation is $350.